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The responsible person for the approved treatment provider shall: Establish a system of records that will provide for complete information about an impaired pharmacist from intervention through the rehabilitation stage; Establish treatment contracts meeting the requirements of this chapter and a system of follow up to determine compliance by the impaired pharmacist with the treatment contract; Assure confidentiality of the impaired pharmacist, except: If the pharmacist fails to comply within one week to a referral for evaluation; If the impaired pharmacist fails to sign the contract and enter treatment within forty-eight hours of the determination that the pharmacist needs treatment; If the impaired pharmacist does not suspend practice on entering treatment; If the impaired pharmacist does not comply with the terms of the treatment contract; If the impaired pharmacist resumes practice before the approved treatment provider has made a clear determination that the pharmacist is capable of practicing; If the impaired pharmacist suffers a relapse at any time during or following rehabilitation. Notify the state board of pharmacy within one working day if the pharmacist violates any portion of this rule.

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Pharmacists are health professionals who specialize in drug provision prescribed by physicians and provide important information to patients regarding medicines. It is highly responsible job therefore a qualified and reliable person is required for this position. If you are interested in this position then you have to design a pharmacist resume. Only a compelling resume will help you to get chances of interview. You have to highlight your qualifications, relevant work experience and important certifications as well as references. You have to select a perfect format for pharmacist resume that will help you to highlight important details. It will be good to consult job description provided by potential employer in order to link your skills and keywords with the requirements of pharmacist job.