We are going to put together a great looking personal trainer resume and help you land the job. Whether its your first personal training job or you are looking to advance in the field, your personal trainer resume speaks volumes about you.

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This last section should capture any skills that you might have. Perhaps you are bilingual, make sure you mention the languages you speak and read. Are you good with computers? Do you know how to count a cash register drawer? Do you know sign language or have experience working or living with disabled people? These special skills make you unique and should be listed on your personal trainer resume.

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Make your objective quick, easy and to the point. And most importantly, make it sound like you. If you don't get your objective right, the rest of the personal trainer resume won't get noticed.

Also check out the dozens of good resume sites on the internet. While you won't find a personal trainer sample resume on those sites, they still offer a lot of useful tips on writing a resume including more sample resumes and resume cover letters. Ultimately you should have several different versions of your personal trainer resume. If you are looking for a job at a health club, you are going to emphasize your education, certification and experience. Talk about your customer service skills even if its just serving coffees at Starbucks. The health club wants to know that you will fit in.Your personal trainer resume and cover letter needs to quickly communicate your strong points. In fact research shows that if the resume doesn't interest the reader in the first five seconds that it won't get read. If you have a bachelor's degree in sports medicine and ten years of experience, then you can probably leave this section off your personal trainer resume. But if you are brand new, you need to demonstrate that you actually know something.