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There is no way in which you can draft a perfect resume if you are unaware of what the employer is in need of. What every resume writer should be aware of is that there exist certain difficulties faced by employers, but which are hardly ever discussed with resume writers. These seem to be the more reason why the need for applications is being advertised. Most of such difficulties include inefficiency and lack of interest in relation to that particular job being advertised. Once you are aware of these, you will always have a better position over other applications because you are aware of what to include or what to leave out of your resume. Secondly, it enables the hiring manager believe that you are not just interested in the job advertisement, but that you are well informed about the whole company and you know and are endowed with what it takes to let the company attain efficiency.

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Recent studies show that 85% of the and cover letters sent to Human Resources Departments or Recruiting Agencies are ineffective, usually because of the format or the . In order to compete in today's tough job market, you need a resume and that stand out! And that's where A Perfect Resume come in.

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Unfortunately, there are no perfect resumes, just ones for each job position.

When I started my search for a new job, I knew I hadn't updated my resume in years and that I definitely needed help putting all of my information together. I was referred to Perfect Resume by a few former co-workers who had used this service successfully in the past. One of the things I was worried about initially was just how much information I needed to convey on a resume... I've done a lot over the last 5-7 years, and I've always struggled with writing about myself. I called and spoke to Kent (the person that was recommended to me) and instantly I could tell that he was familiar with my industry and the types of jobs I was going to be looking for. We talked for about 15-20 minutes on the phone, he gave a great critique of my super old resume, and went over all of the pricing information with me. After speaking with him on the phone, I felt comfortable about moving forward with a resume revamp and LinkedIn revamp. I'm so glad I did! The resume looked outstanding and extremely professional. I wasn't very familiar with LinkedIn and Kent not only created the profile for me, but also provided some excellent tips about how to build my professional network.

After about 2 weeks, I started to get e-mails and phone calls from recruiters who were finding me on LinkedIn!

I'm happy to say that I accepted a new job and couldn't be more excited. For anyone thinking about getting their resume or Linkedin profile done, this is definitely a worth while investment!