Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Residency


A pediatric nurse cares for both the physical and psychosocial needs of children and their families. Aside from giving care to children with injuries and sickness, pediatric nurses, like other nurses, can perform physical examinations, take vital statistics, blood and urine samples, conduct diagnostic tests, give immunizations and treat common sickness such as influenza, measles and chicken pox. Interpreting test results and developing treatment plans can also be performed by pediatric nurses with advanced trainings.

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For a good pediatric nurse resume, you will need to include all skills and responsibilities of pediatric nurse in your resume. This will please your employer and will help to get your desired job. Here is a sample of pediatric resume. Please feel free to copy it.

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Page 1 of the pediatric nurse resume displays a professional profile, which is very important when working in pediatrics. Here you can display your traits that allow you to be successful when working with children. You can then follow up with clinical experience to show employers that you have worked with childrenÕs wellness before and in detail.