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When creating a PACU Nurse Resume you should emphasize your qualities and skills that suite with this job and some personal thoughts about this specific position. Also you should add your work experience. Education in this field is a must and you have to mention all your degrees and training courses that you attended. A big bonus will constitute the letters of recommendation from your previous employer.

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Pacu nurse is a licensed nursing practioner who provides care service to patients who has undergone surgical procedures. The specific task of a pacu nurse is to check the vital signs of patients, administering medications and changing bandages. Pacu nurse ensures that the patient receive proper care and attention after the operation.

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The PACU Nurse will work in the post anesthesia (PACU) department of the health facility he or she is employed at. A PACU Nurse is responsible for every medical aspect regarding patients that have undergone a surgery procedure and are now transferred to the PACU unit.