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When I first realised I needed to make a resume as a college student, the task seemed a little overwhelming…where do I start? If you’ve never needed a resume before, been in the same job for several years and haven’t had to update it, or simply never taken the time to perfect your resume, you might be tempted to look for online resume templates. This will make your life a little easier, but it will also hurt your chances of actually landing a job—DON’T DO IT!

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Using our online resume templates does not require any technical knowledge! You just have to create an account (free), fill out your resume, and choose a template fitting you. You can change your resume template as many times as you want.

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Resume Republic is online resume builder with awesome online resume templates.

Resume Republic brings a whole new experience of creating, viewing and promoting online resumes.
Our premium online resume templates have everything that user needs to promote himself in the best possible way, whether he is a person who is actively looking for a job or he just wants to promote himself, his work and skills.

Resume Republic offers an awesome ready made resume templates for users who need great, modern and professional online resume. We provide very easy and intuitive resume builder with great options for editing, printing and promoting resume.

Users can print their resume and cover letter or simply send it via email and directly apply for the job they want.