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Oncology nursing may be stressful but it is one of the more rewarding fields of nursing as you are able to provide care and assistance to a variety of patients and families. Since this is the case, there has been an increase as well in the number of oncology nursing aspirants. In order to make yourself stand out in this sea of applicants, you must be able to write a well-written and excellent oncology nurse resume. We can assist you as you do this as we are one of the few professional oncology available today. We can help you as you write a remarkable and memorable as you find a job in your chosen field.

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Here is one sample of a oncology nurse resume which will help you in creating a resume for a post of oncology nurse. This sample is free. Please make use of it while creating a resume for your job application.

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An Oncology Nurse is responsible for monitoring and caring for the patients diagnosed with cancer. One of her major responsibilities will be to administer the chemotherapy treatment. She will also need to implement treatment therapies. She will have to monitor the patient's progress all the time. She will also need to write a prescription for medications. She will have to ensure confidentiality about patient at all times. An Oncology Nurse will have to examine the patient. She will have to motivate the patient so that he accepts the medical treatment. Another of the several roles she plays is to offer advice and counselling to the patients' family.