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When creating a NICU Nurse Resume you should emphasize your qualities and skills that suite with this job and some personal thoughts about this specific position. Also you should add your work experience. Education in this field is a must and you have to mention all your degrees and training courses that you attended. A big bonus will constitute the letters of recommendation from your previous employer.

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The NICU Nurse Resume Template is a guideline for registered nurses seeking employment in neonatal ICU units. This profession centers itself on newborns possessing significant health risks. This can be due to a variety of conditions ranging from congenital defects to premature births. Babies with such difficulties are sometimes precariously hanging on to life and […]

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Becoming a NICU nurse is a highly competitive job as it is highly specialized and multiple candidates aim to fill specific job openings. As this is the case, you must be able to write a comprehensive and excellently-crafted NICU nurse resume summarizing your qualifications. We provide extensive services in assisting you craft a perfect neonatal nurse resume. We have professional writers to assist you in creating your resume. Moreover, we provide affordable to ensure that you are able to present a perfectly written resume for your prospective job.