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In the meantime, what do you do if you are one of the ? I tried to sit back and think objectively toward the new nurses needing employment. I quietly asked the question, “What is it about your resume that set’s you apart and would prompt me to hire you”? Realistically a new nurse graduate is like a blank slate. New graduates present with recently completed nursing school and a victorious pass on the .



Further, since I've only worked as a tech on a neuro floor, it wouldn't be appropriate to put that under my "skills." I did want to put further emphasis on my restaurant experience, especially since at one restaurant it involved leadership such as delegating and supervising other servers, etc... In fact, when I went for my second interview with the hiring manager and director of the residency, she said that I had her two favourite things to see on a new grad resume - tech experience in a hospital, and restaurant experience.

Writing a new grad RN resume isn’t as easy as some might think especially when it needs to convey all the skills and achievements one has gained during the course of their study including their time in clinics while doing their rounds. A new graduate may not have the same experience as those who are already working in hospitals and clinics but this doesn’t mean that they won’t have the same chance of getting a good position in the medical industry.The New Grad RN Resume can be a vital tool for job hunting success. When you hire us to write your new rn resume, we will work with you to formulate your newfound qualifications in such a manner so as to gain the favorable attention of your prospective employers. We know which aspects of your education, work history, and future goals to highlight, and will work with you to create the New Grad RN Resume that will serve to dazzle.