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The time to return to my seat and the train slows down again ... In the cabin, we feel a change of atmosphere. More attention ... Everybody expects the tunnel experience! The train moves on a slowly sinking slope. Suddenly it is night outside. Travellers have abandoned their games and their readings. Looking somewhat fixed, the ear alert, we watch the tunnel and the noise. The speed of the Eurostar in the Channel Tunnel is much lower than on the surface. A small half-hour later daylight appears again and the iron monster resumes its allure. The trip Folkestone - London is now on the brand new high-speed line finally completed almost 15 years after the launch of Eurostar.

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Outside the smoldering forest Emily cries over her mother's body. Victor arrives to see what his immoral experiment has cost him. A short distance away Franken lays Grandpa on the ground too scared to come any closer. He's right to be as Philip draws the wrong conclusion again and the hunt for the monster resumes.

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