Mini Resume and Custom Portable Pocket Resume

Before you start mini resume writing, our resume writing service suggests you to work out an outline of your future resume. Using the outline it will be easier for you to highlight the skills and qualifications that make you a suitable candidate for the position you are willing to get.

The most important information about your work belongs on your mini resume or JIST job-search card.

The image to the right is an example of what your mini resume will look like once it has been folded into its final size (business card size). This section will showcase all of your important contact details like name, address and email address. You can even include a photo of yourself if you'd like, allowing potential employers to easily recognize and get in touch with you.

Mini Resume - Free Mini Resume Example, Sample and Template

Important information that you should include on your mini resume or JIST job-search card:

The inside section of the mini resume allows you to go into more detail on past experience, education and any other information you would like to highlight. Plus, the skills section header is easily editable so you can feature anything from awards to community involvement to special training and certifications.