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Remember, Microsoft Word resume templates can be extremely helpful in getting started with writing a resume. But in the end, you'll want to make it your own, so you don't end up looking like every other job seeker out there!

#6 – You’re Still Using Pre-packaged Microsoft Resume Template.

Microsoft Word resume templates can be helpful in crafting your next resume, but a Microsoft resume template MUST be customized if it is going to stand out from all the other resumes made from a free Word resume template.

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Microsoft Word Resume

By using a Microsoft resume template to write you resume, your resume takes shape on screen as well as on paper and you at the same store what you write. What is more to this is that a Microsoft word template helps you to do away with much of the revision and editing works. Remember that will be easier for you to detect and correct errors as you write. You can use a Microsoft word template directly from your computer or you can browse through Grand Resume for a particular word template relating to your resume.