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The last critical data set someone should include on a medical technologist resume is the skills and qualifications they possess. For instance, they might indicate they are proficient in clinical microbiology, lab equipment calibration, lab testing and reporting, and quality control. Additional skills include items such as time management, organization and the ability to discern details, but these must be presented in a quantifiable way if possible to avoid the employer perceiving them as generic. Individuals may indicate the level of the skill, the last time the candidate used the skill, and how much experience the candidate has in the skill area.


If you wish to apply for the post of a Medical Technologist, then refer to the sample of a medical technologist resume given above, and prepare your resume accordingly, for your upcoming job.

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Medical Technologist Resume Example

The information included on a medical technologist resume should be the technologist's education, such as clinical training, internships, area of specialization, work experience independent from internships, skills and publications. She also should show her licensure and certifications, including the corresponding reference numbers. Additional but less crucial information to include might be multilingual status and agency affiliations.