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After listing the skills in demand at the top of your medical assistant resume skills, it’s time to include the more specialized abilities you possess. For clinical skills, particular expertise in drawing blood, particularly if you are certified for phlebotomy would be an advantage as well as proficiency in carrying out laboratory examinations and x-rays. Specialized tasks such as familiarity with the operation of specific medical equipment may confer added advantage.

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Alternatively, your other medical assistant resume skills can be stressed not by spelling them out but by reporting significant positive outcomes that occurred as a direct result of your abilities and skills. For example, instead of pointing out that you are organized end efficient, you can give your claim credibility by citing specific circumstances, such as caught up to three months worth of delayed book keeping entries within five days. Another possible accomplishment would be if you suggested a particular change, no matter how minor, in clinic operations that led to significantly more efficient patient service.

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Additional administrative capabilities you can include in your medical assistant resume skills include familiarity with insurance coding and filing, medical billing, book keeping as well as medical transcription skills. Familiarity with various types of software and computing equipment would be a plus.