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As a science major, it is ironic that the performing arts would become my salvation. My mother has evidence of me as a toddler dancing and singing to Michael Jackson. In college, I rediscovered dance. Instead of becoming a robot, I learned to do the robot. I was popping and locking my way to class, from class, and sometimes even in class. Once I started dancing, I did not know how to stop. I could not get enough of the adrenaline rush in front of a screaming crowd nor the silliness, camaraderie, and love that I shared with my dance teams: Momentum Crew and Crunchy Beats. These groups have grown to become a part of my family at Wake. I found the same satisfaction in playing my ukulele, banjo, and guitar in a folk Americana band. Through both dance and music, I expressed myself in forms beyond words. This artistry was not a part of my four-year plan. “Amateur dancer and musician” does not improve a med school resume, but it brought out a side of me I did not know existed. For once in my life, I was not fulfilling the expectations of others, but satisfying my own aspirations.

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It is pretty common practice at this point for most NGOS evet very legitimate NGOS to charge volunteer fees. As Shelly said, the fees help to pay for the costs needed to maintain the NGO. Also, hiring a volunteer coordinator ( even if this person is not paid) and the time to coordinate volunteers from abroad costs the organization a bit and much of these funds go to recoup these costs. Also not to be contraversial, but a volunteer who is only coming for a week or month, is not likely to produce that much for the organization but will cost time in effort in coordinating. Often those experiences are more for the volunteer than the organization and they charge you for that experience ( ie beefing up your med school resume or helping you gain a worldly perspective)

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While most med school resumes are one-page, I created yours at two because of your extensive and varied skills. I believe each of your jobs will impress an admissions director, as they are indicative of your dedication and determination.