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Printing and Paper Print your resume on high quality paper! You have spent a lot of time on creating a resume, print it at home on a 60lb paper or resume paper, which you can find at Walmart or Office Max. If you are really serious, put your resume on a usb card and have OfficeMax print it for you on a very heavy card-stock. It will cost you less than $3.00 and make a great impression.

In this article I discussed my recommended set of steps toward making a great resume

When I was a graduating student in college, I was very excited to get out of school and work. I wanted to prepare myself for the real world and the first thing I did was to make an impressive resume. Well, it wasn’t too hard to do that for me mainly because I had all the resources and help I need. This is why I was thrilled to post this article here mainly because I wanted to provide some reading materials to graduating students who need some assistance in building a perfect resume. I know that there are many styles and methods in making a great resume, and I want students to explore their options and determine which one is suitable for them. I personally believe that building a perfect resume is very important especially to individuals who are pursuing a particular job or want to get employed as soon as they graduate from college. I found this article here to be very interesting and I hope you’ll find this helpful too!

Tips for making a great resume that really stands out

- Always be prepared for the job interview: Here you can find some tips on making a great resume: , and being prepared for your job interview.

- Very useful resource that has everything you need to make a great resume. The resource includes sample resume's, How to format a resume, all the kinds of resumes to make, how to market your resume when its done, extra tips, and a video.