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After the first few generic lines hidden among the body of the resume were the lines " I am too lazy to make my own resume" and they had altered a few other details like his education was listed as "paanchvi pass" or "passed fifth grade" and his experiences read Mazdoor at cement factory etc. So basically someone took the opportunity to play a practical joke on him.

Im a fresh graduate from college and this is the first time that Im gonna make my own resume

Hi my name is Rilmer Agenor. I came to Canada from Haiti in July 2012. I was a French teacher back home who came to Canada with so much of dream for a better life. But all my dreams came down when I couldn’t find a job that I was looking for. So I went to YMCA to do my LINC assessment and I start going to LINC classes at Tesoc Multicultural Settlement Services. My LINC teacher told me about JSW program. I came and opened a file at JSW program and attended their four days’ workshop with my teachers’ permission. Tesoc’s four day workshop opened my eyes where I learned different kind of job search tools for me to success. I met four facilitators and from all of them I gained a lot of information about interviews, resumes, cover letters, job market and companies. After I completed the workshop I was able to make my own resume and cover letter and started to apply for jobs through online and agencies. Then I went and registered at Interlinx Employment Solutions Inc. which is an agency that one of the JSW facilitator referred me. After I registered with them they gave me a call after one week and asked me if I can work at Marsan foods a frozen food company for retails and for health care customers. They told me the process and gave me more information about the start date, pay and my shift. I know this was not the job that I hunted for but to start off with something like this is a good opportunity for me to meet people and network. Now I am going to LINC class in the morning and work in the afternoon. I would like to thank all the JSW facilitators from Tesoc Multicultural Settlement Services who helped me find a good job.
Rilmer Agenor, Toronto ON, Marsan Foods ( JSW Client)

very helpful to make my own resume..thank you.

as a designer i don't even need to make my own resume these days..

Component : amazing, colorfull design and the painted miniature are just awsome
Rule book : could be better…I will have to make my own resume sheet
Set up: takes a good 15min. to set up and almost all the table space
Play time: 2h to 3h
Difficulty: not that difficult after a few games, the mechanics are simple but there is a lot going on
Replayability: Although the scenarios have roughly the same objectives each game is different du to the exploration tiles that gives random locations like ruins, temple, city and encounters.