Create an instant resume with LinkedIn Resume Builder.

Are you considering changing jobs? Perhaps you would like to use your LinkedIn profile as your resume or CV?

This video shows you how to use the LinkedIn resume builder to customise your CV or resume to the position you are applying for.

If you have questions about how to build visibility online for your personal brand as part of your job search or career development, leave your questions at

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Some companies will ask for a copy of your resume via email. You have a LinkedIn profile or other portfolio-type page at the ready, but not a file copy. Instead of trying to scramble to get one together, recommends using the LinkedIn resume builder tool if you already have an account with the site.

Linkedin Resume Builder | Social Media Resume

LinkedIn Resume Builder - YouTube

is experimenting with a resume builder tool which you can access . I tested it and here’s part of the resume LinkedIn Resume Builder generated from my LinkedIn profile.