Here are some general guidelines for your law school resume:

Applying to law school? Need to write a resume? Wonder how a law school resume differs from a work resume?

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Many people turn in generic, lazily written resumes with their law school applications. Don't be one of those people! Law school admissions expert Peg Cheng has more than 20 years of experience working on resumes. With Peg's help, you'll create a stellar resume that admissions officers will love to read.

Includes four sample resumes.

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Here is our modern take on a law school resume. This template can be downloaded in either Microsoft Word 2007 or 2003 formats, and edited to suit your needs. This ‘modern’ resume example is also available in a (only 1 page) and a , with thick lines down the left hand side in order to highlight each section of the curriculum vitae.

Because your c.v. will be submitted as part of your application to law school it is important to tailor your resume to reflect the type of things which most interest law schools when applicants. Usually your resume will aimed at gaining employment and its content will reflect this. On your law school resume, it is important to focus primarily on your work experience in legal and related fields, either paid or voluntary, as well as your previous education. Other work experience can naturally be included, but it would be better to include a paragraph explaining your work experience at your local lawyers office than one explaining your high school job.Here is our free traditional law school resume for you to download, edit, save and use. It is also available in a (only 1 page) and a , with broad left hand lines to accentuate each area of the resume.