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A landscape architect should also include any licenses or certifications he holds on his landscape architect resume. These indicate that the candidate has met minimum standards for the industry and is familiar with the current landscape architecture law and the idiosyncrasies of soil, water, climate and plants in the region.

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Work experience should comprise a significant portion of an individual's landscape architecture resume. In this section, the candidate should show his most recent employers or clients, the dates of employment, and the scope of his responsibilities for each job. Each duty should be listed after a bullet point, and each duty should start with a verb to show clearly what the candidate did or made happen. Successes and achievements should be quantified to set the candidate apart, such as "Reorganized landscape plan to a cost reduction of 25 percent."

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Included in the education section of a landscape architect resume should be a summary of any supervised work study the individual has completed. Internships are examples of such work. Some programs provide an opportunity for internship within their curricula, and in some jurisdictions, as much as four years of supervised work experience is required for licensure. Showing these internships demonstrates to employers that the candidate has been able to apply his landscape architecture knowledge in a practical setting.