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Searching for an impressive resume format to make an application for a laboratory technician position? Here is some assistance for you in form of a laboratory technician resume, belonging to Lori Green from New York. This resume has only two sections in it. The first section concentrates on the professional experiences of the candidate. Experiences relate to only two organizations. The recent and most relevant one is described thoroughly. This section highlights the key duties performed, the areas of expertise related to diagnostic tests, equipments used and the training programs attended during this work tenure. The second experience is concisely written about, presenting the key responsibilities in few bullet points. Education details come next and represent the details of the university name and the course completed by the candidate. The negative aspect of this format is the absence of career objective, key skills, personal details and references. Hence, feel free to include few more sections that your recruiter expects to see in your resume.


A clinical technician or a clinical laboratory technician resume should be written keeping in mind the experience and the work nature of previous jobs, as well as the academic knowledge gained for this field of work. Here on this page, we will look at the work specifics of a clinical technician job and then check the template of a provided clinical technician sample resume, for novices applying for the job for the first time or for those seeking to change their jobs and update their resumes for the very reason. First, the job specifics of a clinical technician or a clinical laboratory technician profession -

Laboratory technician resume template

Laboratory Technician Resume Sample

This laboratory technician resume example helps you to find out how to organize your own information to have a successful resume, see some tips in this document.