Lists of Keywords for Resumes and Cover Letters

There are many teaching keywords that you can include in your resume, depending on your qualifications, experience, skills, and accomplishments. For example, you can include keywords related to discipline, academic goals, parent interaction, extracurricular activities, and process improvement. You can review a selection of sample resumes or access internet sites to find them. Log on to the internet and browse the following words: “teacher keywords for resumes.” This will give you an idea of how other candidates are composing their resumes.

Step 2: List of Keywords for Your Resume

There are a number of great resume keywords specific for different segments of the statement such as job titles, education, objectives, experience description, service types, technical terms, product names, job-specific buzzwords etc. that could make a difference in your resume. I have seen from my long experience as HR head of an organization that many job seekers are eliminated just due to not having the appropriate keywords for resumes that the employers look for in the applicants’ job applications. It has also been seen that rejections of resumes are not infrequent for use of some negative words. Therefore, for a winning job application you should not only know which are the appropriate job specific keywords to use in a resume but also be careful to avoid using a list of negative words.

Resume: Keywords for Resumes – Keywords List

Here are some sample keywords to get you started. The list categorizes the keywords for resume by career and job-type.

If you’re still stuck narrowing down a list of skill and qualification keywords for your resume or cover letter, then try using the (O*NET) to learn about the standard descriptors specific to your occupation.