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A person needs to have completed his graduation in mass communication in order to be eligible for the position of broadcast journalist. A well written broadcast journalist resume will improve the chances of the applicant getting selected and winning an interview call.

      Broadcast Journalist Resume Example

When writing a resume, many professionals adhere to the advice of various business columnists, internet resources, and talk show professionals when writing their resumes. While these resources are easy to use and quite helpful, you may also consider a bookstore or your community library for their selection of existing reference materials on the subject of resume writing. Alternatively, there are many journalist resume samples available online that can be used for some visual guidance.

Broadcast Journalist Resume Example preview.

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The above portrayed broadcast journalist resume example denotes how a person should write his own broadcast journalist resume in an impressive manner. One can make necessary changes to it as required.

i really liked this post, thank you! Yesterday, I visited the career center to help me with my journalism resume and they told me to do exactly what you said employers don’t want to see (putting education and GPA at the top etc) This really helped me!