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When writing a resume, many professionals adhere to the advice of various business columnists, internet resources, and talk show professionals when writing their resumes. While these resources are easy to use and quite helpful, you may also consider a bookstore or your community library for their selection of existing reference materials on the subject of resume writing. Alternatively, there are many journalist resume samples available online that can be used for some visual guidance.

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At one point, the Los Angeles Times intern recruiter talked to a group of us about journalism resumes. A fellow editor asked if we should include our GPAs.

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After the bootcamp, fellows then scatter across the globe and immediately begin pitching stories to news outlets, with guidance from designated program instructors, known as “bureau chiefs.” Bureau chiefs, all of whom have lengthy journalism resumes, edit fellows’ writing before it’s filed to partner media outlets and hold weekly bureau meetings by video conference, during which fellows recap their progress and go over pitches. Bureau chiefs are also available for one-on-one mentoring, and the mentoring connection holds for two years after the end of the program.