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A consultant resume is one of the most demanding, competitiveresumes in the employment market. In any industry, consultants are thetop of the tree in terms of professional experience, achievements, andincome.

That creates both opportunities and potentialproblems. Consultant resumes must pass an extremely rigorouscompetitive screening process. Information must be attention-getting,interesting, and match the criteria of the job or contract to theletter. For consultants, that means a custom-made resume for every jobapplication and every contract bid.

1. Resume format

Theconsultant resume is basically the same as a higher level professionaljob application resume, but the information content is quite differentin some respects. A resume is required to give prospective clients andemployers a detailed look at the consultant's professionalachievements. This is a guide to the consultant's work, a track recordand performance indicator.

The format is based on practical issues:

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