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Honestly, I had a few tabs opened with sites for resume templates and when I happened to notice in the search your description was about not wasting time to format shit, I laughed and closed all other tabs but this one. lol Because that was my thought exactly.
I used the first one – love the look of it. Thanks a million for making these templates available.

IT Resume Templates: Information Technology Resume Samples

Following are typical chronological resume templates suitable for almost every kind of job or vacancy no matter how it differs by name. If you are not sure as what resume template to choose for your resume, better to go with chronological resume template.

IT Resume Template - IT Resumes by sayeds

it resume template | Resume Template Builder

IT – Information Technology, the fast developing field now, is in need of employees. It is a very good sector for the eligible candidates to apply for a job. IT resume templates will help you in drafting a very convincing resume in few minutes. There are many decent positions in this sector.