IT Project Manager resume template

The answer to this is generally No. The purpose of the project manager resume is to get them to contact you, not to detail everything you have ever done (let them call you if they want to know more). So choose a few projects that feature your talent and detail those. Note that one of the biggest mistakes IT professionals make when writing a project manager resume is to give unnecessary details about each project.

IT Project Manager resume template

Copy and paste this free Sample IT Project Manager Resume and modify it for your own needs.
Using this sample, write your resume draft, making it applicable to your professional experience and qualifications.

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The IT Project Manager Resume Template will give a framework for IT Project Managers to showcase their experience and skills in a standardized and professional format. This is imperative to gaining an interview for the project. Ultimately a potential employer may require several documents (i.e. cover lets, portfolios, etc.) however more often than not, the very first impression a candidate makes with a recruiter is through a resume.