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When you order an international resume from University Language, you can trust our experience and expertise to provide you with a document that does the job around the world.

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So, all you need is the little “extra” work and time to prepare an international resume and stay ahead of the stiff competition in the global employment market.

Fosun International to Resume Trading in Hong Kong

Fosun International to Resume Trading in Hong Kong

Here is an example of an international resume's objective statement or career objective: "Seeking either a managerial or a consulting position, sales support representative for a multinational company."

Althoughthe information provided in international resumes is fundamentallysimilar, format and style varies. Depending on where and with whomyou're applying, you will need to rework your resume. These are sometips for getting it right, and what not to do:The world over employers looks for the same qualities in their applicants regardless of whether the job is in the , or for example. However, candidates should be aware that there might be subtle conventions associated with the international resumes and job applications process within different countries.Languages:Language issues are extremely important. There's a large range ofsituations you need to consider, depending on where the job is. Youmust have a good working professional level of fluency. Low qualitylanguage usage on a resume can instantly destroy a job application. Theonly reliable way to produce a good international resume in anotherlanguage is to develop your own skills. Do not rely on an electronictranslation or use a translator. Any deficiency in your own abilitieswill show immediately at an interview.It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are a lot of unique job opportunities abroad, so more people are turning toward international jobs for inspiration. Unfortunately, what many people are not aware of during the job-seeking process is the fact that international jobs require a completely different type of resume than local jobs tend to, and if you do not submit the right resume to the international company you are seeking employment through, you may get the brush off. This is a look at international resumes and how to put the best international resume together when seeking jobs abroad.