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Your Instructional Design Resume may get all the glory, but the Instructional Design Cover Letter is a powerful, and often overlooked, tool that can make a world of difference when it comes to landing your dream job. It needs to grab the hiring managers’ attention and make them want to keep reading, or else even the most painstakingly crafted resume isn't going to be given that all-important first glance. Here are just a few tips that can help you create a strong Instructional Design Cover Letter.

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Instructional Designers are responsible for planning, preparing and developing the curricula and educational resources within an organization. The working activities of an Instructional Designer involve planning and developing programs based on the company's needs, preparing and designing a curriculum that spans across various mediums or using e-learning tools within the company. Among these tasks, Instructional Designers have to develop programs based on their expertise, to collaborate in an efficient manner with other departments, to prepare and deliver lectures for individuals or to purchase various reading and audio/visual materials. Instructional Designers are also responsible for handling and administering employee surveys, for improving and enhancing the programs of the organization, for analyzing and evaluating various resource materials or for planning the overall instructional programs of the company or for communicating the content of the programs in an efficient manner. These professional workers also have to be updated on the latest developments in the field, to counsel and train a large audience on various subjects or to coordinate and supervise the working activities of other employees.

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The ISPI Career Center is an excellent instructional designer job resource. There are over 100 instructional design and performance improvement related jobs available. It provides resources for both job seekers and employee/recruiters. Job seekers and recruiters can view and post instructional design jobs and view and post resumes.