Infographics Resume: Randall Knapp

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Yung infographic resume ng friend u fitz may sample u? hehehe.. na curious ako ano itsura ^__^

Templates of such resumes are available on the internet and they are mainly available in PSD format. In this genre of resumes your vital details, skills, achievements, experience and level of competency are given in a graphical format. Therefore it becomes much easier for the employers to interpret your competency level as well as skills and aptitudes and gives you an edge over other as well. These formats are particularly suitable for the individuals, who are into graphic designing, web designing and such professions. They can design their info graphic resume by using any of the graphic designing platforms and therefore showcase their skills in designing before the prospective employers.

Brit Fitzpatrick's Infographic Resume

Infographic Resume for a Designer

What is It?
An infographic is simply a graphic visual representation of information. When you consider the resume is an advertisement, it makes sense that a resume could also be an infographic. The infographic resume is a graphic representation of you as a candidate. These days, candidates are doing all sorts of things to give themselves an edge and all the latest tactics relate to personal branding and self-marketing. Part of the reason personal branding is such an important topic in today’s job search has to do with the Google generation. There are roughly 3 billion Google searches a day and counting. In May, 2011, Google hit 1 billion unique visitors making it the first company to reach that mark. Search has become so important to people, it has also become a trend to search people; not just products. Have you ever Googled someone you were interested in dating? If you haven’t, I guarantee you that people do it! My point is that it shouldn’t be such a surprise that recruiters and employers are also searching candidates. Because of this, your personal branding efforts to find a job can’t just be the old school methods of having a print resume, cover letter, and a business card. The infographic resume is simply another trend, more popular in creative industries, that reflects the changing times.