no need impressive resume as well

A few job seekers who are talented web developers, designers, videographers and writers have created such impressive resumes and cover letters, their job applications have gone viral.

BBB has nothing to report concerning CareerPro Impressive Resumes' advertising at this time.

Ok, (a) that's not a question. And (b), I confess that I do occasionally overlook an error, for example if the person writing the resume isn't a native English speaker. But (c), from the recruiter's perspective, if they have a choice between two equally impressive resumes, I think we can agree that the one that says "professional booger" instead of "blogger" is probably not going to get a call.

A clean and impressive resume that is appropriate for all occasion.

The recruiters who have seen it say it's an impressive resume but that's it - no interviews set up.

These are actual quotes from job seekers who have contacted us for a new resume because they are simply not receiving responses from their old impressive resumes. These comments are very representative of the confusion that most job seekers face in the job market when fielding a resume that isn't working. Typically, a job seeker will spend several hours constructing a resume then send it to friends and colleagues for opinions. Because they are friends and colleagues, it is almost guaranteed they will not be brutally honest with the job seeker about either the state of the resume or the job seeker's marketability.