"How to Write a Professional Resume"

If you’re anything like my best friends, your resume probably sucks. Yes, I’m sure your skills, experiences, and qualifications don’t suck. But to be honest, very few job searchers know how to write a professional resume that consistently lands them a job interview.

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How to write a resume for a job? How to write a professional resume?

Still wondering how to write a professional resume?

It includes simple instructions on how to take your information and put it in 3 of the most common resume formats:

I've organized one professional's qualifications into the three different formats so you can easily see which one will be most effective for you.
So, what makes my book "How to Write a Professional Resume" different from any other book on resume writing?Most resume-writing books on the market waste your time showing hundreds of other people's resumes, which forces you to match your skill set to those of others. Just ignore this outdated cookie-cutter approach.You are UNIQUE!That's why my ebook guides you step-by-step through writing your attention-grabbing resume, showing just one person's example throughout the whole process. It saves you tons of time by providing easy-to-understand explanations and examples, along with many helpful worksheets and a personal inventory document.I'll tell you everything I know. You will have all the information you really need, so that you know the truth about what grabs employers' attention in a resume.Most people don't understand the crucial components of a professional resume. I've covered all the grounds so that you stop wasting time on parts that don't matter. "How to Write a Professional Resume" I can tell you, you're going to love it. You'll get the best possible education and advice. So if you're tired of guessing what will make your resume stand out:

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