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It is not that the resume is required only at the beginning of someone’s career. No employee can be said hundred percent settled with any particular employer. Someone may be fired, someone may get better opportunity elsewhere, someone may wish to change career path – but whatever it is – the necessity of Resume will always be there. The style and pattern of resume thus differ from situation to situation. No one can apply hard and fast rules on how to write a perfect resume or what should be there to make a resume a masterpiece. It will depend upon the nature of the job, type of the organization and the psychology of the employers. A great resume should be able to present you in the best light.

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Usually when people are faced with a job search, they dive into the mechanics of looking for work—how to write a perfect resume, how to answer tough interview questions with ease, and so on. That’s all important, but human beings that we are, it’s only part of the equation. The other part of the equation has to do with managing how we feel.

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