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Most looking out for Oracle DBA fresher jobs make the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes include not knowing how to present your resume, and how to structure your cover letter. In addition, not knowing how to put your best foot forward in an interview – whether the questions are asked technical or HR-based – is a major factor in keeping most Oracle DBA fresher jobs searchers unemployed. Keep in mind that, when looking out for Oracle DBA fresher jobs in a very competitive market, possessing superb Oracle DBA skills will never be enough. You must not only be book-smart, but street-smart as well.

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Workgateways tells you everything about which VISA’s are available and how to choose the one you are eligible for as well as how and when to apply for one. Workgateways gives you information about how to open a bank account, how to present your resume and what you will need to find accommodations once you arrive.

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If you are frustrated from being told that you are , here are some tips on how to present your resume in a different way.

In this article, I discuss some of the key points about how to present your resume for Australian Visa applications to help make the process smooth and maximise your chances of Visa success.

1. Convert Your Resume
Your resume is likely geared for employment in the United States, which won’t help you when applying for a job overseas.
Make sure you lose the jargon we so commonly use that won’t be understood in many countries, make sure you have no spelling or grammar errors and consider having your resume or CV done by a professional.
It will be worth the cost if you are unsure how to present your resume when finding a job abroad.
Many foreign countries use a curriculum vitae or CV, which includes more detailed information then a standard resume, on your experience and education.