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There is no single, unfalteringly correct way to structure a resume, UCS members say, though they do offer resume writing service with several tips on how to make a resume stand out.

2. Question:  “What is your best advice on how to make a resume stand out?”

Rob- This is a brilliant analogy. I was especially drawn by the title. I always look down hoping to find another rare gem. Mostly though, I just pick up an ordinary three leafed variety that was sitting in a way so that it looked like it had four leaves. I bet you can write something clever about a resume that on first inspection looks like a gem, but when you examine it more carefully, it is not extraordinary. So how to make a resume stand out and be authentic- choose to show information that will grab the reader’s attention. Don’t just look pretty- deliver the extra leaf.

How to Make Your Acting Resume Stand Out

The website provides job listings for older Canadians as well as advice on how to dress for success and how to make a resume stand out.

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