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Before getting to YES, I was jobless and not having success finding a job because I feel that I did not have the skills or knowledge to find work. I found the number for YES on a flyer at local community centre and called. I got put into the Job Camp Program. They taught me how to improve my resume, cover letter, interview skills and how to best to locate jobs. I feel like my job searching improved 100% and I am now getting calls returned by employers and interviews!

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TES’s professional network and assistance get an A+ from me. They gave me suggestions on how to improve my resume, marketed me to great opportunities that met my needs, and guided me to a great job with a prestigious 3PLcompany for which I’ve worked the last 12 years. They’re easy to work with and set expectations right up front. Thanks TES!

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Also, it worth mentioning that the recruiters I dealt with had industry knowledge. They knew the difference between a good technical resume and a bad one. A few recruiters had me speak with them, and they told me how to improve my resume. They even told me that the universal resume writing rules didn't really apply to my field, and told me how to write a more market specific resume. Since then, I can barely stay unemployed for a month if my contract just gets dropped unexpectedly.