How to Create a Functional Resume

Irrelevant or Uninteresting Content If someone is looking at a resume, they need to be impressed by the top half of the first page of your resume. Know the job you are applying for and format the resume to that job. Some otherwise good content resumes put the most relevant information too far along for me to care. If you have a lot of experience in fields outside of your new interest, study how to create a functional resume instead of a chronological resume. The ones that caught my eyes the most had the information I was looking for right on top.

How to create a functional resume after taking time off to raise children.

Functional resumes are a bit of a mystery to most job seekers. Focusing on skill sets instead of taking a chronological look at where you've worked and what you've accomplished sets the stage for transitioning industries or masking trouble spots in your track record. We'll show you how to create a functional resume that packages your background in the best light.

How To Create A Functional Resume

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