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What should you included in your high school resume? For starters cover the basics such as your name, address, phone number, cell number and your email address. Something to keep in mind about your email address is that is should be a sounding email address.

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It is also important for a high school resume to have an objective. If this is a resume for a college, you would state what your objective is to “obtain a degree at such and such college”. An even better objective on a high school resume would be to state what kind of degree you would like to obtain, but not high school students go to college ready to declare a major. For a part time job, you could simply write “to obtain a part time position with company xyz”

The high school resume serves multiple purposes such as:

A High School Resume

- Grades 10 and 11. The State Student Council Convention is a meeting attended by high school representatives from throughout the State of Arizona. Delegates discuss council activity, brainstorm, and interact as a state-wide organization. Was selected as a sophomore and as a junior to attend and also was invited to design and lead a Windsor High School workshop at the conference.

Lastly, make sure your high school resumes contains some or at least your resume says “references available upon request” if you do not feel comfortable putting names and numbers down on your resume. Just because you lack job experience does not mean you have never worked in some way. Volunteer work is often a staple of an impressive high school resume. If you do not yet have any experience, you can easily get some by volunteering somewhere local.It is not to hard to draft a high school resume. It is simple and will help you get a feel for how to write one down the line. Make sure you have one on file because you never know when a college recruiter or even a job opportunity might want to see one.