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Make sure your resume makes a positive first impression with potential employers. Attend a resume writing workshop, submit your resume to be critiqued via PROFS JOBS or take advantage of the individual resume writing assistance available at the Office of Career Advancement. For individual help with resume or cover letter writing, make an appointment with a Office of Career Advancement Advisor or stop by the Office of Career Advancement Resource Library. Bring a draft of your resume on a flash disk, CD-RW, or saved in e-mail.

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At Goodwill, we help people with barriers to employment find meaningful work. Goodwill provides employment resources free to the public such as: computers and internet access for job searches, resume and cover letter writing assistance, career planning, access to area job listings, community resources and referrals to outside agencies. A career specialist is on-site daily to help with resume preparation, help prepare you for interviews, provide job leads, match employers with employees, and monitor your progress.

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Enhance library services to job seekers by providing individual help with resume, cover letter, and other employment related objectives.

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Why did I want them to help me with my resume? Very simply your resume is the only thing that the prospective employer has on which to create an impression about you; if that impression is neutral or worse then you are heading for the reject pile. I needed to really sell my experience and abilities fully and get me selected for that interview. I went from using a shot gun approach to job hunting applying for everything in sight to applying for just a handful of very desirable positions with my new resume which I felt really sold me perfectly as well as using individually tailored covering letters. The results were very impressive, I landed more interviews than I could attend and was actually in a position to dictate my terms to employers that were desperate to employ me. me with my resume turned my resume from padding in a filing cabinet draw to a powerful tool to get me that next position.Alumni who have a conferred degree at Nova Southeastern University have access to services offered by Career Development. These services include help with resume development, interview preparation, job search assistance, applying to graduate/professional school and occupational exploration and transition. While services are provided to assist alumni in managing his/her job search efforts, they are not to be viewed as a placement service.