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Lynn, I must agree… unfortunately most of the great resume templates can be edited with designer tools (Illustrator, InDesign…), and not with most common ones like MS Word or even with PowerPoint…

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There are a lot of great resume templates on the web, so save yourself some time and effort and simply download one. Many of them are really well designed, and will set your resume above your competition. However, it’s also fine to be unique and original, so create your own if you feel so inclined.

Advertising Sales Resume Template | Great Resume Templates

Insurance Claims Specialist Resume Template | Great Resume Templates

By the Way: If you're looking for another source of great resume templates (many of which are heaps better than any free Word resume template), I highly recommend you check out this website, where you'll not only find templates, but also an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create and submit your resume and a cover letter. There's a super cool too.