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A lot of graduate students quake at the thought of writing a resume which would present them in the best light to potential employers. However, there really is nothing to fear because the same principles that regulate writing a resume for a manager with 20 years of experience also govern writing a grad student resume. At first this doesn´t sound much less frightening but a graduate student resume won´t be as long. In addition, the skills learnt from writing your grad student resume are crucial and will be utilized when writing more advanced resumes in the future.


Every student is amazed by the time and idea invested in the resume preparation. It is a crucial step to write a graduate student resumes, while starting the career and seek an entry-level position in the field of your studies. However, given below is a graduate student resume sample to help you understand the exact format, kind of language and the structure of the resume. However, this resume is specific to accounting graduates, and visitor students may amend the details as per their study curriculum. With this sample resume, we hope that graduate students will no more think of resume writing as a gruesome task. Be clear in your goals and enthusiastic in stating the achievements in the career. This will help your resume stand out of the mob.

Graduate Student Resume Example - Sample

Graduate Student Sample Resume

Undergraduates often tell me they are amazed at how long it takes to compose a resume (part of this is mere perception, I think, due to the weighty nature of the document’s importance). I tell them they should plan to spend between a few hours and a day every year revising their resume for the rest of their professional lives, and that an undergraduate resume with a strong foundation is their best preparation. Obviously, post-graduate and graduate student resumes are grounded in the same principles as undergraduate resumes, but new rules emerge with the new circumstances.