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“A perfect follow-up to McDowell’s first book, Cracking the Coding Interview, The Google Resume goes much beyond the interview itself and shows candidates how to make their applications stand out. There may be no silver bullet to success, but this book is about as close as it gets. I just wish it had been around when I was an applicant.

Well, make the Utimate Google Resume with the Ultimate Open Source CMS.

If you are looking for independent industry ratings for SEO providers, then it’s likely you will come across a company called “Top SEOs”. This company provides country-level rankings for SEO service providers. Their ranking system includes a company profile, client base, annual turnover data, pricing levels and so on, plus an indicator on how each company is trending in those results. SEO agencies are rated on a monthly basis, so results are kept current. The purpose of this article is to compare the industry rating company “Top SEOs” with Google search results.

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Specifically, traffic declined because Google moved this site to a lower position in itssearch results. Reports from Google Webmaster Tools show that the position of The Online SlangDictionary in Google search results fell on April 11, the date of the Panda penalty.