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“In addition to meeting great people, I saw it as a good resume builder, because you’re doing a lot of community service and like a bunch of fundraisers, like philanthropy.”

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“Look at the job market for college students,” Sobota said. “One way they can differentiate themselves is to get a real, good resume builder in terms of an internship.”

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After being back for 5 years, I only recently had my first professional breakthrough because of my PC service. And it was free job (but a good resume builder). None of my employers have really cared. It is always good for conversation, but after that they glaze over.

In these days when there are so many singers vying for few jobs, a great training program is almost a necessity. It can be a good resume builder and a way to hone your craft and networking abilities. You have to do your homework and find one with the qualities I have talked about, but I think have a couple of years of a great program under your belt sets you far ahead of the pack.