21 Funny Resumés & Cover Letters (PHOTOS)

For the purposes of this book, a bad resume is simply a resume that does not achieve its fundamental purpose: to present the job seeker in a positive light compared to the competition. Funny resumes - this book's obsession - are bad resumes that fail this objective in unique and unusual ways. Instead of being littered with typos, a funny resume is usually tainted by one or two unfortunate gaffes that inspire the hiring manager to file it away in their "funny file."

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But why do funny resumes have to be bad? Isn't there such a thing as a "good" funny resume, a resume that entertains while at the same time enhancing the credibility and prospects of the job seeker? The "good" funny resume does indeed exist, but it's a rare phenomenon that's more of a miraculous accident than a sure-fire methodology to imitate. To prove their existence, at the end of this book, we do include a small section of resumes that entertained us without derailing the job seeker. But it's interesting to note that even these "good" funny resumes didn't really improve the job seekers' prospects. Their credentials were scrutinized just the same.