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Combined resume format mixes the previous formats (chronological resume and functional resume). The resume begins with the functional format resume and finishes with the chronological format resume. The combined resume format is more difficult to write and more complex but it has the advantage of emphasising the experience and abilities that the candidates have towards the new position they are applying for, as well as to reflect in a dynamic format their experience and training.

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The Common Disadvantages of Functional Format Resume A functional resume template can be challenging to work with especially that some employers and hiring managers do not prefer this type of resume format. One of the most common difficulties with using...

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Functional format resume are not easily digestible to , if at all to some systems. The rationale behind this is simple. ATS systems are set up to digest chronological formats correctly: These systems identify the predictable order of contact information, company names, job titles, bullet descriptions and key words found in a chronological resume. In a functional resume, these information nuggets are presented in a different order and it throws off the ATS by resume data in the incorrect fields, if it downloads it at all.

The components used, and the order in which they appear, depend on the format. A simple chronological resume may include only contact info, work experience and education. A combination resume, on the other hand, may include all of the above.

Contact Information (mandatory)

This section must include your name, mailing address and telephone number. It could also include your e mail address, if you check your messages regularly.

Objective Statement (optional)

It should be included only if you have a well-defined career objective, which fits the position for which you are applying. You may want to include this information in your cover letter, rather than on your resume.

If used, it should include the title of the position you are seeking, and a brief description of the knowledge and skills required of the position. You can modify your objective statement as new opportunities arise.

Background Summary (optional)

May be combined with Objective Statement. It should mention the number of years you have been employed, then summarize your experience, knowledge, special skills and areas of expertise.


Write out the name of each company or organization you have worked for, including the city and province where it is located. Use abbreviations only if they are commonly known. If the company or organization is not well known, include a brief description: example: "Executive Placement Agency".

Pay attention to dates. If you have held several positions with a single employer, be certain the overall employment period is shown clearly at first glance, so you do not look like a "job jumper". Also include the dates for each division that you have worked for, along with a brief description of the position.


Clearly stating any accomplishments you've made can be key to securing your next job. Employers want to know what you can do for their organization, and your accomplishments give them some indication of your "can do" abilities.

When using a functional format resume, list all accomplishment statements toward the top. When using a combination format, list them with each position you have heldWhen you are dealing with a functional format resume, this means that you are really trying to highlight the qualifications and skills only. The skills and qualifications are presented as the main point of the resume. The work history is usually only listed as a small part of the resume at the end of the document. The creator will use professional headings that tie everything in and break down the strengths of the applicant through their skills and talents.