Resumes & Career Development: What is the Correct Format for a Resume

Your resume is your marketing tool. The resume will not get you a job, but it may get you an interview. There are several formats for resumes. There is no perfect formula.

There are three main formats for resumes: chronological, functional, and hybrid:

There are 2 very good books I have, which might help you... 1 on cover letters & the other on many different formats for resumes/CVs. They're both newer books... last year, I believe. I'll list them later today. It's 2am here & the SO is snoring away. He's off to work at 4am & I don't wish to wake the poor lad by turning on the light.

Formatting Tips for Your Resume

The following is a list of acceptable formats for resumes attached to the email submissions:

A resume is a key job-hunting tool used to get an interview. A resumesummarizes accomplishments, education, work experience, andwill usually reflect a job seeker's special skills and strengths. Commonformats for resumes are: