Informal Resumes - Resume Templates

Use Standard Font Styles and Sizes
Times New Roman and Arial are traditionally used fonts for resumes: Times New Roman for a printed resume, Arial if sent electronically. Try to stay away from Courier or other fonts that look like a typewriter. With the exception of your name, the entire resume should use the same style and size (10pt, 11pt or 12pt) font.

Following from our previous look at resume writing, we now look at how to format a resume.

If you are going to apply as designer or creative art director, you must be looking for some special layout for your resume. Here are some creative resume templates to help you impress your potential employer by leaving a creative resume impression.

Informal Resumes in .DOC format ..

More importantly, each formal resume should be written specifically for the job post you are seeking.

The Common Application and individual college applications render themselves to provide baseline information as well as a brief work history, therefore it may be redundant to attach a formal resume in addition. With that said, if a prospective student knows which major he or she has a strong interest in and has related work experiences, volunteer opportunities, internship exposure, extracurricular clubs that match anticipated major then I would recommend having a resume accompany the application. For instance, if a student is looking to study and they have volunteered consistently with their local police department, then it may strengthen their application to have a formal resume highlighting these aligned efforts. Overall, the resume is warranted if it holds new information, more detailed information, or shows past work experiences towards the selected major that cannot be highlighted on the application.

Applying for a job includes writing a resume to get an interview because the resume is considered as a calling card and is not only show qualifications but helps employers to know the candidates as people. Years ago, the Formal Resume was important in order to search job and the minor error in its formality can be the difference between lost or get a job opportunity.Nowadays, be more personable and depending on the industry where you are, informal resumes are over formal types because dropping the formality can be a better way to effectively communicate across different fields and convey the real sense of the personality and work style of applicants.