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Of course, it helps to select a professional looking typeface and font for resumes, as well as quality paper, in case you have to provide a hard copy. Even though an increasing number of companies prefer the paperless process, it’s always good to have a sample resume in paper version around just in case. Sometimes, Human Resources may ask you to bring a copy, even though you already posted your resume online.

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Helvetica recently (May 2015) received a ton of press off a Bloomberg article as the best font for a resume. However, the recommendation was made by a graphic designer who doesn’t write resumes. It’s a lovely font, but it’s not practical for most resumes.

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Hi I'm trying to foind the best font for a resume in pages, that hopefully converst well to word/pdf.

Times New Roman takes more than its share of eye rolls and nasty comments as a resume font. However, it says, “Reliable,” to your reader. Plus, as you will see in a moment, you can cram a lot more words onto a page with TNR than you can with any of the sans serif fonts shown below. Just that simple, delicious fact often makes it the best font for a resume.