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If you're a first time resume builder, or simply have new experiences you want to add to your work history, you can create content from scratch. Upon exiting the "Get Started" window, click on "Add Information" to select a category of information you would like to add.

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The Career Center's comprehensive guide to writing a resume, from start to finish, complete with a variety of samples. Other topics included are cover letters, references and thank you letters. This guide addresses the needs of first time resume writers as well as seasoned professionals including chronological and functional resumes.

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So lets say for each 100 recruiters, there are 50 job orders attempted per year. Each job order takes an average of 15 resumes (most are screened automatically and they only review the top 15). That calculates to an annual rate of 75,000 first time resume views. Each first time view gets a grand total of 10 seconds, for a total first time viewing of 125 hours. Estimating 5% of resumes get multiple views at 30 minutes adds an additional 1875 hours bringing the total to 2,000 hours per 100 recruiters per year.