Fake resume featuring -inspired references

Hi friends,
I came to US in 2011 for my Masters. I did couple of internships at my university in the life sciences field. Then worked in a pharma company for couple of months. I was without work from Jan 2013 to October 2013. Sometime during this phase, I decided to join a desi consultancy which had me fake my resume and gave me training in SAS. I joined a project at the client site in November 2013 and was working till the last week when I decided to get out of this mess. My consultancy has filed H-1B on my behalf and it is in process. I know one thing for sure that I don't want to work in the life sciences field but interested in the IT field. I am planning to move to India and get a job there in the IT sector.

 Max Stirner, Author of Fake Resume: The Machiavellian Guide to Getting the Job

Two recently published (but not yet peer-reviewed) studies from the National Bureau of Economic Research conducted large-scale field experiments known as resume correspondence studies to test for discrimination in the job market. In resume correspondence studies, researchers send out many fake resumes which are identical except for a few characteristics like the year of graduation and the applicant’s name. They then look at which fake applicants get called for interviews. If the older applicants have a lower callback rate than younger applicants, the researchers can infer that age discrimination is in play.

I have seen and received many fake resumes over the years.

As it stands, more than 90% of their consultants are working on fake resumes and work experience.

If I have people that will give me references and say I worked at places (even though I didn't), do you think I can get away with applying with fake resumes? Assume the job is something I'd be able to BS in the interview (I'm really good with interviews).